Ludwig responds to Pokimane roasting his YouTube chat

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Ludwig ‘Ludwig’ Ahgren responded to streamer Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys after he heard her roasting his YouTube chat on stream, hilariously clapping back at her own chat and one of his chatters.

Ludwig and Pokimane have been friends for some time following their numerous stream collaborations on games like Among Us and Minecraft.

The two have had plenty of friendly banter back and forth, with Ludwig recently calling out Pokimane subtweeting him with a very funny response.

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Now, Ludwig has responded to a clip of Pokimane saying his chat is “full of normies,” with a callout of his own.

Ludwig’s response to Pokimane’s roast

During the 26-year-old creator’s stream on May 5, he reacted to a clip on his subreddit that showed Pokimane reading a chatter saying, “Ludwig chat is full of normies these days” and agreeing with them.

After finishing the clip, Ludwig shook his head and immediately retorted saying, “It’s always been full of f**king normies – so is Poki’s chat! And also Pilaz has always been rat b**ch. You kidding me?”

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Ludwig proceeded to continue roasting the chatter, Pilaz, by calling Pokimane the “first person to read out a Pilaz message in five years.”

Clearly having fun, Ludwig stated the next time the chatter showed up in his YouTube stream he would ban him and that he was “on hood watch.”

True to his word, Ludwig eventually timed the chatter out for four days, much to the amusement of the rest of his chat.

A lot of discussions have circled Ludwig’s switch to YouTube Gaming and the positives and negatives the streamer has had to deal with as a result.

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One of those aspects is the natural change in Ludwig’s chat after moving from Twitch to YouTube, as fans had to get used to a whole different ecosystem.

However, the streamer doesn’t regret switching and even encouraged Sykkuno’s recent decision to switch to YouTube Gaming as well.

Regardless of whether or not Ludwig’s or Pokimane’s chat is actually “full of normies,” the two streamers are certainly still having a lot of fun on their respective platforms.

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