Ludwig reigns supreme dominating massive Mario Party mash challenge

Ludwig Mario Party 4 mashing tournamentYouTube: Ludwig: Nintendo

Ludwig Ahgren has once again shown off his incredible mashing skills after challenging 100 people to face him in a small mashing showdown at Genesis 8, “the largest mash tournament of the year.” 

YouTuber Ludwig is well-known for his superhuman mashing skills in Mario Party. Having first wowed audiences with his speedy A-button-pressing on Twitch, in 2019 he was hailed as the ‘fastest button-masher in the world.’

There have been a number of YouTubers and mash pros who have the record since then, but Ludwig has always looked for any opportunity to put his skills to the test.

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So, Ludwig took things to the next level and invited 100 attendees at the Genesis 8 tournament to go ahead to head against him in a mashing challenge.

Ludwig streaming on YouTubeYouTube: Ludwig
Ludwig has been hailed as the ‘fastest button masher in the world’ in the Mario Party minigame Domination.

Ludwig hosts Mario Party mash challenge

In a YouTube video uploaded on April 24, the YouTuber streamer shared with fans what happened when he went to the Genesis 8 tournament and challenged fans to a mash match in the Mario Party 4 mini-game Domination. The aim of the game is to hit the A button as many times as possible in 10 seconds to knock over all the thwomps.

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Each player who fancied the challenge had to donate $5 to take part. However, the winner would be able to take away all of the earnings made throughout the day, as well as an extra $100 that Ludwig donated himself. If he won, we would give the money to his moderators who help him create content.

Ludwig claims 100 Genesis 8 attendees faced him during the small tournament but struggled to beat the YouTuber. He even managed to smash his previous record of knocking down 201 thwomps in 10 seconds.

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Several participants gave Ludwig a run for his money during the match. Especially as he began to get tired from the constant mashing.

Towards the end of the video, Ludwig started an intense showdown with three other participants. While one player very nearly took the crown by knocking down 190 thwomps, Ludwig managed to scrape the top spot by the skin of his teeth with 193 and took home the crown.

Ludwig may have had to face some hefty competition from his fellow mash pros. Yet, he has once again proven he is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to Domination.

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