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Ludwig receives instant karma after Hasan calls him out for watching his stream

Published: 5/Jan/2022 17:45

by Dylan Horetski


YouTube streamer Ludwig Ahgren received instant karma after Hasan called him out for watching his stream while the Twitch streamer was reacting to an episode of Masterchef. 

Over the last few months, we’ve seen an increase of Twitch streamers watching TV shows on stream without a single care about potential DMCA issues. xQc brought the ‘TV Meta’ into popularity by watching Masterchef, starring Gordon Ramsay, and laughed off the idea of getting banned.

xQc has also mentioned that the celebrity chef may even make an appearance on his stream soon.

On January 4, Ludwig received instant karma from YouTube seconds after Hasan called him out for watching him react to Masterchef on stream.


Ludwig gets karma after Hasan calls him out

After Ludwig claimed he wouldn’t get banned from YouTube for watching the show through Hasan “because he pauses so much,” a viewer mentioned to Hasan in chat that Ludwig was watching his reactions to the Ramsay-led show.

He quickly paused the show and said: “Hey Ludwig, watch out brother. Listen motherf**ker, you don’t want to get banned. Not in your car, okay b***h? Not in your f**kin car bro. You watch out dude, you don’t wanna get clapped up do you?”

Seconds later, Ludwig gasped and yelled “Oh No,” as he realized his stream dashboard had a warning about copyrighted audio being played — and then his broadcast was shut down.


(Topic starts at 2:39:13 in the video)

However, after his last few copyright strikes, the creator learned that all he has to do is restart his stream to be able to go live again. Ludwig added: “Okay, apparently it doesn’t work guys.”

Hasan’s comment towards the creator is a reference to the video that he used to announce his switch from Twitch to YouTube.

In the video, the car he was driving blew up, so they switch to a new one and start playing music. Slime mentions that he can get in trouble for playing music, and Ahgren replies “Not in this car.”