Ludwig, QuarterJade, more partner on Nitro Stream Racing game to rival Marbles on Stream

Screenshot of Neon Stream

Some of the biggest streamers on Youtube and Twitch are partnering up to create a game to rival Marbles on Stream that works across both platforms.

Top streamers Ludwig, Quaterjade, Northernlion, and streaming agency Loaded have all partnered with game developers to create Nitro Stream Racing. The project is part of the growing streamer-led genre which aims to build games around streamer and viewer interactivity.

One of the biggest games in the genre, Marbles on Stream, has been a popular pick for streamers creating interactive experiences for viewers. Allowing them to create marbles to compete in a virtual race with other viewers. Now, Nitro Stream Racing aims to rival the renowned title. 

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In this new game, viewers of a stream can enter a race hosted by their favorite streamer with their own car. Then, they can race against not only other viewers, but even the streamer themselves. To control their driver, they just need to use simple chat commands.

Crucially, the game will be available for both Youtube and Twitch, In comparison, Marbles on Stream is only available for Twitch. 

The developers of Nitro Stream Racing, are also no strangers to streamer-led games as they have created other titles such as Stream Raiders. Another game that encourages streamer and viewer interactivity.

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As a game created for streamers to interact with their fans, they decided to partner up with some of the biggest names today, such as Ludwig and QuarterJade to let them give feedback in the development process.

As CEO of said in an interview with GamesBeat, “our focus at is to build games specifically for streamers and their communities to play together and to help streamers with their goals around building communities.”

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