Ludwig launches “greatest” toilet bidet with new company Swipe

ludwig bidet company headerTwitter: LudwigAhgren

It seems like YouTube streamer Ludwig Ahgren is aiming to wipe up the bidet industry after unveiling his new “secret” company called Swipe.

Anyone who’s consumed YouTuber and streamer Ludwig Ahgren’s content knows that he’s an avid fan of bidets.

The topic of conversation is often brought up on Ludwig’s podcast, The Yard, even recently admitting he helped fellow streamers Hasanabi, Myth, and Fuslie.

Now, Ludwig has officially unveiled his brand new bidet company called Swipe, which features two types of bidets for those looking to flush their old toilet habits down the drain.

Ludwig launches new bidet company

Ludwig made the announcement via his Twitter account, which gave fans the first look at his new product line.

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The content creator revealed he’d “secretly” been developing his own Bidet “for the past year,” and called Swipe Bidets “the greatest bidet ever crafted by man.”

The tweet also included a link to Swipe’s official product page, which offers two different types of bidets at different price points.

For those only looking to make a small splash in the bidet world, the $50 Swipe option is a simple, installable bidet that hooks onto one’s toilet bowl.

The $50 option includes an adjustable panel for the dedicated front and rear nozzle, an all-metal T-valve, a braided hose, and offers “easy DIY installation.”

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The other available option, called Swipe+, costs $500 and is essentially a brand-new toilet unit with a plethora of added functions.

The Swipe+ includes a remote with full control of your wash, a self-cleaning stainless steel nozzle, adjustable water temperature and pressure, and an automatic deodorizer among other features.

The promotional images for the Swipe+ option certainly look sleek, with a wall-mounted remote for full control along with a seat-mounted panel to adjust the angle of the bidet nozzle.

Only time will tell how lucrative Swipe will be, but Ludwig certainly seems passionate about this new business venture.