Ludwig laughs after Tyler1 outburst over League of Legends duo as chat snitches

Ludwig tyler1YouTube: Ludwig / Twitch: Tyler1

YouTube star Ludwig ‘Ludwig‘ Ahgren couldn’t help but chuckle at Tyler ‘Tyler1’ Steinkamp going off about never playing League of Legends with him again — but he did take offense to his chat snitching on him.

Ever since the Mr. Beast vs Ninja showmatch, Popular streamers Ludwig and Tyler1 have been trading blows with friendly banter — mainly consisting of the multi-time Challenger absolutely flaming the variety streamer’s League of Legends skills and Ludwig just laughing the insults off.

In a recent Twitch clip, Tyler1 calls out Ludwig’s Twitch chat. These viewers have been invading Tyler1’s chat in an attempt to persuade him to play League of Legends with Ludwig — almost like a couple of high schoolers attempting to set up two mismatched people together.

Of course, Tyler responds by completing denying the proposition, going as far as to say he never wants to play with Ludwig ever again in his life.

Ludwig smiles while watching the clip, quietly laughing to himself.

But after his initial viewing of the clip, Ludwig takes a jab at his viewers: “You guys are the worst! Anytime I talk about someone, you immediately disperse and tell them.”

Ludwig proceeds to compare his Twitch chat to high school friends. “It’s like if we were friends in high school, and I was like, ‘I think Tracy is cute. Then you were like, ‘I understand,’ and went right up to Tracy and said ‘so Ludwig likes you. He wants to date starting today.'”

The Twitch chat immediately counters by stating “we’re not friends,” with many users in unanimous agreement — claiming they’re content generators.

However the question is still in the air: Will Ludwig ever play League again with Tyler1? For now it’s a no, but the two might cross paths again soon enough.