Ludwig issues hilarious chess challenge to viewer who mocked him for losing match

Virginia Glaze
Ludwig challenges Twitch viewer to chess matchYouTube: Ludwig / sk,

Twitch star Ludwig Ahgren is no stranger to the game of chess, having engaged in quite a few games during his career as a top streamer — but one viewer bit off more than they could chew after commenting on one of his losses.

Ludwig is one of the biggest streamers out there, gaining significant notoriety for his 31-day subathon in April (and his subsequent ~$1.6 million payday shortly thereafter).

However, Ludwig, like other streamers, has taken to playing the occasional game of chess, even getting into “grudge matches” with the likes of MrBeast and other content creators.

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The current chess fever seen across Twitch has resulted in a renewed intrigue in the age-old game, especially after some of the platform’s biggest content creators are getting involved… resulting in some hilarious moments with their combatants.

ludwig-twitch-1264898-1280x0-1Twitch: Ludwig
Ludwig is one of Twitch’s most popular streamers, who came out of a 31-day subathon with a pretty hefty payday.

On September 6, Ludwig lost a game of chess, prompting one viewer to poke a bit of fun at the broadcaster in chat.

This comment didn’t pass by Ludwig unnoticed. In response, the streamer challenged his viewer to a match, with one condition: If the viewer lost, they’d be banned, and if they didn’t accept his match, they would also be banned.

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“I lost ’cause I’m bad?” Ludwig said. “Alright, here’s our bet. ‘Tehceebs,’ I’m gonna play you right now. If you lose, you are banned. If you do not play, you are also banned. That’s what we’re doing.”

“I’m happy for you guys to talk that s**t!” He continued. “I love talking s**t. Back it up, though.”

With all this said, the player only really had one option — to play against Ludwig and back up their own claims of being proficient at the game.

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It turns out that the user (going by the name ‘Tehceebs’) wasn’t half bad, and their game ended up resulting in a draw. As Ludwig had laid out no rules for this particular outcome, it looks like he was spared from a ban.

Ludwig then claimed he was happy to take on any other viewers who hoped to challenge him, further goading on his future opponents… without any ban-based conditions, though.

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