Ludwig hits out at MatPat over ‘false information’ in Twitch react meta video

YouTube streaming star Ludwig Ahgren has hit out at MatPat and his Game Theory video for ‘false information’ on the popular Twitch react meta.

The Twitch TV show react meta once dominated the platform in early 2022, with some of the biggest streaming stars like xQc, Pokimane, and many more participating.

However, the meta has now seemingly died out and is long gone after streamers were hit with a wave of DMCA strikes and takedown notices.

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But, MatPat’s Game Theory video reflecting on the TV show reacting meta has sparked Ludwig to hit out at the creator for getting certain details wrong.

twitch streamers 2021Pexels/Twitch
The Twitch TV show meta dominated the platform in early 2022.

In a recent Ludwig video uploaded on February 16, the streaming star reacted to MatPat’s Game Theory video breaking down the popular Twitch react meta.

However, after noticing specific details were incorrect, Ludwig fact-checked and hit out at MatPat for getting it wrong – even after they tried to correct themselves in the description of the video.

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MatPat’s description claimed DisguistedToast staged his ban. However, after talking with the streamer himself, Ludwig confirmed it was incorrect. “Not only was Game Theory wrong about what they said in their video, but they were also wrong about the correction in their description,” said Ludwig.

The relevant section begins at the 7:33 timestamp below

While corrections were needed to MatPat’s video, Ludwig did praise the video in the end: “Honestly I think Matt’s video was a decent crash course for people new to streaming and Twitch. Especially for a website that has a culture of shunning people for not already knowing everything.

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The streamer added: “There are still enough glaring inaccuracies that I felt I could give more insight on.”

With the TV show react meta behind us, we can only imagine what the next streaming craze will be.

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