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Ludwig fires back at Streamer Awards criticism: “People are reaching into a bag”

Published: 16/Mar/2022 4:15 Updated: 16/Mar/2022 3:43

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


Ludwig fired back at people criticizing QTCinderella’s The Streamer Awards, claiming they’re “reaching into a bag” to nitpick things to complain about and the event was run well.

The Streamer Awards was a huge success — especially if you look into the viewership stats. It also commemorated the achievements of content creators in the streaming industry in a new way: for creators, by creators.

However, not everyone thinks it was perfect, including some of the guests. Sykkuno felt it was “weird” seeing Corpse Husband, Disguised Toast, Valkyrae, and himself get left out of the Among Us recap in favor of others.


Valkyrae also said the ceremony felt “very OTK oriented”, referring to the fact she wasn’t included much — although she later apologized to QTCinderella for how her criticism came across.

It goes deeper than that though.

Ludwig claimed viewers have been complaining about things too. He believes some of their criticisms are underserved though and clapped back by accusing them of “reaching into a bag” to find something to whine about.

YouTuber Ludwig accepts award at the Streamer Awards screenshot.
Twitch: QTCinderella
Ludwig took home the Streamer of the Year award.

Ludwig kicked off the conversation by telling fans he felt good about how The Streamer Awards went.

“The awards show was insane. It was dope. Everything ran well,” he said. However, he believes there was a downside to that.


“It ran so well and was so good that people are trying to find little things to complain about.”

He listed some examples, including the path people had to take to walk to the podium, the seating arrangements, and more.

It’s something he struggled to get his head around. So, he fired back, saying:  “It was like holy sh*t. People are reaching into a bag to find things. It’s kind of what people do after watching movies. It’s crazy to me.”

The relevant part of the stream begins at 5:30.

Ludwig wasn’t too mad about it, though. He said his piece and carried on with the stream. However, it created another talking point for an event that people are still talking about — which shows how big it was.


The thing people are debating about the most was Ludwig winning the award for Streamer of the Year over xQc, which he described as a “bummer.” Instead, he wants them to focus on how good the show was.