Ludwig explains YouTube’s streaming advantages as Twitch is “falling apart”

ludwig-youtube (1)YouTube: Ludwig

YouTube streamer Ludwig has offered advice for creators looking to move away from Twitch, citing a lack of key functions for growth within the Amazon-owned platform.

The landscape of streaming was changed forever when cultural figureheads such as Ludwig Ahgren, Dr Disrespect and TimTheTatMan left Twitch behind. Favouring the likes of YouTube instead, each of them have found prolonged success.

Between the two platforms, the highs and lows of them continued to be debated, though Ludwig believes Twitch is in need of a crucial overhaul.

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With less than a year having passed since switching to YouTube, the content creator is sharing his experiences to likeminded streamers.

Ludwig believes YouTube Shorts could pave the way forward past Twitch

In Ludwig’s video ‘Everyone Is Leaving Twitch’, the streamer began by saying “we’re gonna talk about how Twitch is falling apart at the seams, and what you can do if you’re thinking about switching over to YouTube. Maybe as a viewer or as a streamer.”

“Its no question to anybody whats been happening on Twitch…they’ve announced pay cuts for top streamers going from 70% down to 50%. They also announced that they’re removing the Hosts feature,” continued Ludwig.

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“For the first time Twitch streamers are actually considering going to YouTube. It makes sense, I mean YouTube has a 70-30 cut, they have a robust VOD system that destroys Twitch…and they’re also probably gonna be around in 50 years and that’s much harder to say about Twitch.”

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While Ludwig claims Twitch is still “the top dog” due to the “products they offer”, YouTube is making strides to entice creators with their “monetization of YouTube Shorts.”

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“They have one edge over TikTok and which is that they’re now paying the creators…what I’ve noticed with Shorts is that it is a phenomenal tool for boosting viewership,” the streamer explained.

Ludwig claimed that there is going to be “an arms race for subscribers” as more creators realize the potential Shorts has, making it far more viable for YouTubers to gain significant subscriber boosts.

While Shorts are proving to be a success, there is still a place for “clips channels” where Ludwig himself can just “throw sh*t* at the wall” outside of his main videos.

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“I think if people are interested, let me know and I’ll make a full in-depth guide on how to stream on YouTube,” added Ludwig.

While YouTube continues to offer competitive pay for creators, Twitch will not be changing their percentages anytime soon.

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