Ludwig explains why YouTubers are more successful than Twitch streamers

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During a recent podcast with Colin and Samir, popular streamer Ludwig explained why YouTubers are more successful than Twitch streamers with day-to-day life tasks, and it’s for one very specific reason.

In November 2021, the streaming world was shocked when Ludwig made the switch to YouTube after signing an exclusive deal with the Google-owned platform.

The popular streaming star once became the most-subscribed creator on Twitch, reaching an impressive 283,066 subscriptions during his 30-day long live stream that began in March 2021. It’s fair to say Ludwig has a good grasp on life as a streamer.

Now, the 26-year-old creator has explained why YouTubers are more successful than Twitch streamers as more broadcasters work absurd hours.

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Streamer Ludwig Ahgren on the Colin & Samir YouTube show screenshot.YouTube: Colin & Samir
The popular streamer opened up on the Colin & Samir YouTube show.

Ludwig explains the difference between Twitch streamers and YouTubers

“Twitch streamers are like an underbelly. They’re like barely able to survive as humans,” Ludwig claimed during a recent podcast with influencers Colin and Samir. “Half of them Uber Eats every single meal. They never pay any of their bills. Taxes are something they just forget about. And I was the same, I was slipping,” the streaming star admitted.

“As opposed to YouTubers who are well put together, like basically Silicon Valley people to some extent – Twitch streamers will push themselves to go 150, 200, 250, 300 hours in a month, which is absurd. You know it’s like double a workweek just streaming.”

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“So then it’s like, okay when are you doing your laundry man? And the answer is, they’re not.”

Previously, streamers like League of Legends star Tyler1 have admitted that their long 200 hour contracts are taking their toll, and could lead to the creator’s retirement.

However, fortunately for Ludwig, he no longer has to put in a grueling 200 hours to meet the requirements of Twitch contracts according to his friend and fellow streamer Mizkif.