Ludwig explains why YouTube will dethrone Twitch as top streaming site

Ludwig talking on Trash Taste YouTube podcastYouTube: Trash Taste

Streaming star Ludwig ‘Ludwig’ Ahgren believes that Twitch will soon be overtaken by YouTube as the No.1 streaming platform.

The Twitch vs. YouTube debate continues to be a hot topic among the streaming community. With many streamers moving from purple to red, fans are wondering whether Twitch could lose its crown as the top streaming website.

One such streamer who sent shockwaves when they made the big switch in November 2021 was Ludwig. Although there were a few problems at the start, the 31-year-old has since expressed his satisfaction with the change.

One of the reasons being was that he was becoming increasingly frustrated with Twitch. So much so, in “5 years time” it could be overtaken by YouTube, he claims.

Ludwig says Twitch is being let down by ‘bad’ management

Speaking on Trash Talk‘s podcast on August 26, Ludwig explained that it can be a struggle for up-and-coming creators to make it on Twitch which is what could help YouTube climb to the top.

“I think for the next 5 years Twitch will probably remain the top dog,” Ludwig claimed. “But I do think Twitch is mismanaged so badly at the top that the only way to grow on Twitch, and everyone internally knows, is to grow on another website and then go to Twitch.”

However, he added that streamers who spend a good deal of time watching copyrighted material during their streams could be at risk of getting in trouble with YouTube compared to Twitch.

(Topic begins at 3:47 in the video)

It comes after Twitch made dramatic changes to its exclusivity rules which allowed streamers to broadcast live on Instagram and TikTok at the same time as Twitch in an attempt to stand out against growing competition from YouTube.

Despite these fears, Twitch continues to dominate the stats as the top streaming platform. However, for Ludwig, Twitch’s reign might not last much longer.