Ludwig explains why so many streamers are moving from Twitch to YouTube

Ludwig talking about streamers moving to YouTube from TwitchYouTube: Mogul Mail

Popular streamer Ludwig ‘Ludwig’ Ahgren has shared his reasons why he believes so many creators are changing from Twitch to YouTube.

Ludwig sent shockwaves across the community in November 2021 when announced he was leaving Twitch for YouTube.

However, numerous content creators have followed in his footsteps and have similarly made the big switch, with LilyPichu and Myth being the latest names added to the growing list.

Having bared the torch for many of his friends to make the move, Ludwig has revealed why he thinks more creators are moving to YouTube and gave them a heads-up about the problems they could find streaming on the Google-owned platform.

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Ludwig “excited” for new YouTube streamers

Speaking on July 12 via his Mogul Mail channel, Ludwig congratulated LilyPichu and Myth for joining him on YouTube. He added that he was particularly eager to see what happens next for Myth as he had spoken to him in the leadup to his announcement.

He claimed that since he started, the platform has made a number of changes to make the streaming process easier for creators, including a better way to read chat. Not to mention, it enables particularly “creative” streamers to let loose and produce “cool” content.

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However, he warned that there are some problems that YouTube still needs to iron out. For example, he said that making thumbnails for his streams “f**king sucks.”

Ludwig added that the main reason why streamers such as Mizkif, xQc, and Hasan wouldn’t make the switch is due to the site’s rules over copyrighted material. The YouTuber himself was suspended numerous times from the platform following on from his move due to copyright problems.

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He added that Twitch is still at the top of the board as the best streaming platform, but he believes that in “5 years” YouTube will become “a real threat to Twitch.”

It’s still only rumored which streamers will next be moving to YouTube. However, Disguised Toast previously claimed that “a least” 5 more are in the running.

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