Ludwig explains how YouTube break will help him plan new content

Ludwig streaming on YouTube with YT logoYouTube: Mogul Mail

YouTuber Ludwig ‘Ludwig’ Ahgren has announced that he’s taking a break from streaming to go “traveling.” However, much to the relief of his fans, it won’t be for too long. 

Being a streamer certainly has its benefits. However, trying to produce original content to keep fans entertained can be draining at times.

So, taking a break from the camera really can help get the creative juices flowing for streamers struggling to come up with fresh ideas that’ll pull in the views.

Popular YouTuber Ludwig has now announced that he’s about to go on a well-earned holiday. During which he’ll be able to think up some “good stream ideas.”

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Ludwig with his pet cat CootsYouTube: Ludwig
Ludwig hit a huge YouTube milestone thanks to including his pet cat Coots in his content.

Ludwig taking stream break to go traveling

On June 17, Ludwig revealed via Twitter that he was taking a week-long trip away to go “traveling.” As a result, there won’t be any livestreams during his absence.

He also posted a picture of his pet cat Coots in his suitcase joking that he’d made sure to pack his “content.” It comes after the kitten helped Ludwig finally average 1 million views on YouTube.

Speaking during his livestream before his trip, Ludwig said that he was “looking forward” to spending some time away. He claimed that in recent times, he’s been struggling to think up new content.

“I feel like I’ve been dead ass out of content,” Ludwig said. “So, I feel like a week off of streaming I’ll be able to mull over some good stream ideas.”

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He also claimed it is becoming increasingly difficult to come up with new ideas for content because his fellow creators are “doing the same sh*t they’ve been doing for the past 12 months.”

Ludwig may have been struggling to come up with new ideas for his livestreams in recent times.

However, hopefully, his time away from the camera will do just the trick.