Ludwig explains how he’s staying healthy during Twitch subathon after hitting 100k subs

Ludwig sat in a race car bed on TwitchTwitch: Ludwig

Streaming star Ludwig Ahgren has explained how he’s managing to keep fit and healthy during his incredible nine-day long Subathon as he’s become the msot subbed to streamer on Twitch. 

On March 14, the former Super Smash Bros professional kicked off his subathon, where, as he got a new sub to his channel, he’d add 15 seconds to the time he needs to stream for. 

Despite some backlash over the event, where critics complained that he didn’t need to do the subathon given he’s already pretty popular, it’s been a wild success for Ludwig.

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He’s become the most subbed-to streamer on Twitch and regularly been the most-watched streamer on certain days – with over 30,000 viewers tuning in to just watch him sleep through the night.

ludwig ahgren twitch streamerInstagram: ludwigahgren
Ludwig is seeing a lot of success and is only set to grow throughout 2021.

The subathon is now over nine-days old, and there’s still plenty of time to go, but streaming for such a long time can’t be good for the body, right? Well, Ludwig has lifted the lift on how he’s staying right, both physically and mentally. 

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“Just a quick update, physically, just built a bit f**king different,” Ludwig said, flexing as he woke up on March 22. “As far as mental, I have slept 7-7-7-8-8-7-8 hours every single evening. I’ve been able to work out four of the days. On the days where I didn’t work out, I walked at least half a mile in the sun to get some Vitamin D. 

“I’ve eaten three square meals every single day. My voice, although a bit shot at the beginning, through the power of some cough drops, Halls, has aided in being able to speak for about 12 hours of the day.”

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Ludwig noted that he was “feeling fresh, feeling ready, and feeling excited for another 54 hours,” but, of course, that time only grows as people continue to sub.

At some point, things will have to come to an end, but for now, he’s keeping himself fit and healthy while keeping his promises for the subathon going as well.

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