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Ludwig doubles down on controversial The Batman take: “All superhero movies are mid”

Published: 7/Mar/2022 21:37

by Brent Koepp


Popular YouTuber Ludwig hit back at critics who roasted his The Batman review. The streamer responded to the viral backlash with more criticism of Robert Pattinson’s take on the caped crusader.

The former Twitch star kicked off a firestorm on March 6 when he criticized the 2022 film The Batman as not being “fun” like Marvel movies.

Following the wave of backlash from viewers, Ludwig Ahgren opened up further about his problems with the movie and defended his review.

YouTuber Ludwig Ahgren reacting to his viral The Batman tweet during YouTube video screenshot.
YouTube: Mogul Mail
The popular YouTuber addressed his viral The Batman take which drew backlash on Twitter.

Ludwig doubles down on The Batman criticism

In a video uploaded to his YouTube channel, the 26-year-old streamer further opened up about his criticisms of Matt Reeves’ The Batman. “Can I just speak my s**t? The Batman movie WAS mid,” he said. “All superhero movies ARE mid. Hollywood already solved Batman over a decade ago. The Dark Knight is already the greatest Batman movie of all time.”


Ahgren then claimed that Batman films in general have become recycled. “Because it sells tickets if they have the man who’s afraid of bats under the suit, they just keep remaking them! That’s all it is. I feel like people think we have solved all cinema. We have solved all characters as a humanity. We’re done. We’ve peaked. Batman is the greatest. But I feel like that s**t was written 80 years ago and we should probably move on and come up with some new s**t.”

While Ludwig called The Batman a “fine” film, he doubled down on his now-viral take. “Look, it’s fine. It’s even a top 5 Batman movie. But it was just not amazing,” he said. “I don’t think we’ve had any superhero film be groundbreaking. The Batman was basically just the movie Seven with Brad Pitt with a worst mystery and a worse payoff. It was just setting up what is probably going to be another goddamn trilogy of goddamn Batman movies.” 


Ludwig continued his critique by slamming Batman’s storyline as being underwhelming. “The mystery plot BLEW. I’m just like this is the most mid-ass mystery of all time. The Dark Knight had more mystery. The Riddler’s riddles SUCKED!”

The YouTuber addressed Robert Pattinson’s take on the iconic comic hero. “Robert Pattinson was wasted. He’s a great actor. But he was wasted because most of the scenes he was in were just as Batman. Critics would say but you can see the emotions in his eyes. He has such emotion. And I’m like, b**ch no way, he’s just looking!” 


Ahgren ended his rant by explaining his review was misunderstood. “My take got whittled down that I just wanted it to be like MCU one-liners, jokey jokey. When I more so thought it would be fun to unravel the mystery. But the villain just SUCKED. All of the villains were just dogs**t and were boring,” he said.