Ludwig criticizes YouTuber Arab for “unsubstantial” travel content

Youtube: Ludwig

Ludwig has criticized YouTuber Arab for his “unsubstantial” content after he came out and poked fun at the gaming industry for being too “politically correct”.

The gaming industry has not been in the greatest of spots recently. With layoffs hitting various esports orgs and many pulling their spots from various leagues. And it seems it is attracting discussions from individuals completely outside of the scene. 

One such individual is YouTuber Arab, a content creator who once made Fortnite videos but pivoted to travel videos. In a recent tweet, Arab criticized the gaming industry as “political correct” and touted this change in direction as being the reason why it’s currently in a downfall. As well as the caption, he then attached a clip of the OTV podcast where DisguisedToast discusses the current state of esports. 

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Ludwig, as a co-owner of an esports org and have been part of the Smash scene for years, called out Arab for giving his thoughts in an industry he had no affiliation in. 

“You should make an esports team called no pussy liberals where gamers can drink woke-free beer and frag and say slurs in peace it would be so epic” Ludwig wrote sarcastically.  

To which Arab stated he is “out of gaming”, despite still regularly tweeting about Fortnite, and linked his latest video.   

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Ludwig and Arab trade blows on Twitter over the state of the video game industry

To which, Ludwig decided to give some harsh feedback about the video. “The voiceover was rarely additive and could use b-roll rather than just you in a garden. It didn’t feel like there was a message or narrative behind the trip so I don’t know why I’m supposed to keep watching.”

He continued, “Also, calling everything content took me out of it – you f***ed up if you have to tell viewers that what [you’re] making is content.” Finally, Ludwig called him on for “grifting on Twitter for likes” rather than spending time improving his content. 

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Arab, in turn, attempted to brush away the feedback and his “grifting on Twitter”, to which Ludwig immediately replied with more criticisms of Arab’s content. 

“If you compare yourself to a streamer you’re just trying to gas yourself up for the ‘effort’ you put in, compare yourself to successful travel creators (Yes Theory, Ryan Trahan, Stevewilldoit)” he wrote. 

“You’re also always going to be capped because you pivoted a Fortnite channel into a travel channel, but if you tried to make a banger video it wouldn’t matter at your size” Ludwig ends of his flurry of criticisms, “i’ll leave it at that, anymore tweets and you gotta start paying a consulting fee.”

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