Ludwig claims CallMeCarson’s allies abandoned him because was a “terrible friend”

Alex Tsiaoussidis
Ludwig claims CallMeCarson's allies abandoned him because was a "terrible friend"
Twitch: Ludwig / Instagram: Carson

Ludwig ‘Ludwig’ Ahgren claims Carson ‘CallMeCarson’ King’s allies abandoned him because he “lied” and was a “terrible friend,” not because they caved in to pressure from social media users.

CallMeCarson shocked the world after making a surprise Twitch return by appearing on Mizkif’s stream.

He’s already popped up on social media several times since the grooming accusations came to light, but it was a step up from making ‘accidental’ posts.

It’s become a huge talking point, especially since he hinted that he’d be doing a comeback stream sometime soon. But while some people believe his allies only ever abandoned him due to pressure on social media, Ludwig believes it runs deeper than that.

Carson tweeted and deleted something weird amid social media break
Instagram: CallMeCarsonYT
CallMeCarson’s allies thought twice about being associated with him after the grooming accusations.

“The problem is that there’s a weird misconception,” he said.

“[Everyone] thinks Carson’s friends abandoned him because of pressure from Twitter, [but] the friends who abandoned him are the three people who hate Twitter the most.”

The people he’s referring to are  ConnorEatsPants, Johnathan ‘JSchlatt’ Schlatt, and Josh ‘Jawsh’ Allen, who he claims “could not care less” about what people think about them on social media and wouldn’t be pressured into anything.

“The only reason that they left Carson was that he was a terrible friend. He just lied to them. But I feel like that gets lost, and there’s weird misinformation constantly. But everyone just likes to think they know.”

Ludwig still thinks Carson will try and make a comeback. However, he isn’t sure how it will go down.

People still have mixed opinions about him including some of his friends and former collaborators.

Still, he’s got nothing to lose. Carson has been inactive for almost a year and appears keen to get the ball rolling if his recent appearances are anything to go by.