Ludwig ‘cancels’ Sykkuno all because of silly answer to his questionnaire

Instagram: Sykkuwu/Twitch: Ludwig

Streamer Ludwig Ahgren jokingly canceled Sykkuno and ‘broke up’ with him, after the OfflineTV streamer said all the Pokemon together would beat one billion lions in a fight.

For his Twitch stream, Ludwig sent a questionnaire to a series of YouTubers titled: ‘world’s hardest internet questions.’ The idea was to analyze the responses he received live on air.

The questions posed were completely bizarre, and included: “is water wet?”, “can you put pineapple on pizza?”, and “cats or dogs?”

However, one of the questions which Ludwig was most passionate about was, “Who would win in a fight: one billion lions or every Pokemon?”, with Ludwig ardently backing the lions.

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lions vs sunThe question is likely inspired by the debate over whether one trillion lions would beat the sun.

Despite Ludwig being a keen backer of the lions, both surveys of his audience and of the YouTubers showed 65% of people backing Pokemon to defeat the lions.

This instantly put Ludwig in a bad mood. Later, he analyzed the responses he received from each of the 17 YouTubers who responded, with Sykkuno’s answers being the third set he looked at.

He backed Sykkuno to pick the Lions, and said they would be finished “professionally and romantically” if he chose Pokemon. However, Sykkuno backed the Pokemon, prompting Ludwig to send the OfflineTV streamer an angry tweet.

When it came to the last question, and Sykkuno’s final chance at redemption, the tension ramped up, with the Who Wants to be a Millionaire theme playing ominously in the background.

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The question was: “Which do you pour first when making cereal: milk or cereal?” Ludwig admitted he personally prefers to pour the milk first, and explained how only one person of the 17 respondents agreed with him.

In a perfect turn of events, Sykkuno was the only person to select milk. Ludwig promptly tweeted Sykkuno to rebuild the rift. “WE ARE BACK ON PROFESSIONALLY AND ROMANTICALLY,” he said.

“I’m glad that he was my brother in arms because only one person here was the dirty, filthy milk pourer,” Ludwig said. “The fact that it’s Sykkuno, I couldn’t be more flattered.”

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By now, the rift was healed and Sykkuno was uncanceled. “I forgive the Pokemon thing,” Ludwig added. “Who cares? Forget about it.”

For what it’s worth, we think cereal should always be poured before milk, and we reckon the lions would have the edge over the Pokemon. Just.