Ludwig blows Twitch streamer’s mind with ridiculous sub raid

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YouTube streaming star Ludwig has blown away a small Twitch creator after directing his community to raid the streamer with subscriptions and support.

Ludwig is one of the most popular streamers in the world. Before signing an exclusive streaming deal with YouTube, the 27-year-old amassed over 3.1M followers on Twitch.

Now, over on YouTube, he averages millions of views for each video. With the platform steadily climbing up the ranks in the streaming world, so does his view count too.

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With such a large audience, Ludwig wanted to do some good, where during a recent broadcast he told his viewers to go subscribe to an up-and-coming streamer.

Ludwig raids small Twitch streamer with amazing support

During his stream on July 11, Ludwig challenged himself to win a game of Fall Guys by the end of the night, and surprisingly he actually did it after just two hours.

Pumped with energy and feeling great, he got the idea to “love raid” a small creator on Twitch.

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With thousands of viewers watching, the 27-year-old came across streamer TheExecs. Ludwig had the goal to “blow up their sh*t” and “absolutely litter them” with Prime Subscriptions, and that’s exactly what he did as thousands of fans began tuning into Twitch stream.

Completely caught off-guard, the small streamer peaked at over 3400 viewers, and the reaction was absolutely priceless. “Wait what the heck, I’m confused. What is going on? Is this a new thing? People can start a hype train from botting,” the streamer questioned.

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“This is definitely fake. Wait, what’s going on? This can’t be real, you’re lying,” TheExecs said, as hundreds of Twitch Prime subs started pouring in. “I thought I was getting botted. Oh my f**king god bro oh my gosh thank you Ludwig. Thank you for the raid bro.”

For the next 10 minutes, Ludwig fans continued show love to the streamer, with the hype train coming to an end after 600 viewers subscribed.

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This isn’t the first time Ludwig has massively raided another streamer, and hopefully, it won’t be the last either, as they’re certainly entertaining.

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