Ludwig and Google Maps star help fan find where he proposed to his wife back in 2009

ludwig and rainbolt google maps headerInstagram: LudwigAhgren / Instagram: georainbolt / Google

Ludwig and GeoGuessr pro Rainbolt help a fan discover where he proposed to his wife over a decade ago with just one video.

YouTube streamer and content creator Ludwig Ahgren is no stranger to games like GeoGuessr, where players try to pinpoint locations using Google Maps street view.

Ludwig’s video surrounding GeoGussr even inspired Trevor “georainbolt” Rainbolt to become one of the best GeoGuessr players in the world, according to Ludwig himself.

Now, the two creators teamed up to help one fan find the location where he proposed to his wife back in 2009, based off one grainy video.

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Ludwig and Rainbolt help fan using Google Maps

Rainbolt posted about the story on his Twitter account, saying “A fan e-mailed @ludwig asking if I could find this street he proposed to his wife on in 2009. He wanted to take her back to that road one day…but it was 13 years ago…”

The GeoGuessr savant posted a minute-long video breaking down the exact steps he took to track down the location.

The fan proposed to his wife on a random street in Japan with a view of Mt. Fuji in the background, which was one of the key elements for Rainbolt to track down the location.

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Additionally, the fan was able to remember “he took a bus from Fujisawa” near the location where he eventually ended up proposing.

With this info, Rainbolt was able to determine the couple faced the east side of Mt. Fuji.

From here, he used Google Maps to analyze the bus routes from Fujisawa to narrow down potential cities and even scanned street view angles to try and line up the iconic mountain precisely.

Astoundingly, Rainbolt was able to match Mt. Fuji’s profile exactly as the video had, but he couldn’t pinpoint the exact location.

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With the help of another GeoGuessr, Rainbolt was able to line up the exact angle of the video, assisting the couple and fulfilling Ludwig’s initial request for help.

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