Loveless turns ‘Running Up That Hill’ into a pop-punk ballad and TikTok is loving it

YouTube Loveless Julian singing into micYouTube: Loveless

Pop-punk band Loveless has taken Kate Bush’s 80’s hit ‘Running up that Hill’ and turned it into a pop-punk ballad just weeks after Stranger Things brought the song back into the limelight.

On May 27, the Netflix hit Stranger Things returned with season four of the series and it quickly took over social media with millions of people binging the new episodes.

The show isn’t the only thing that topped the charts that weekend, as the 80’s hit ‘Running Up That Hill’ from Kate Bush found its way to the top of the charts after an emotional situation at the end of episode four had the song save a characters life.

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Now, a band by the name of Loveless has taken over TikTok after turning the song into a pop-punk ballad.

Loveless ‘Running Up That Hill’ remix

Shortly after Season 4 became available, Loveless singer Julian posted a short cover of the song onto the band’s TikTok account and fans began begging for a full release.

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At that time, the band had mentioned several times that they were going to focus on releasing original music instead of full-length covers.

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However, just a few weeks later on June 23, Julian replied to a comment asking when the band was releasing their next cover… and revealed that a full-length version of ‘Running Up That Hill’ was set to debut on Sirius XM that weekend during a Stranger Things special.

After teasing it a few more times in the following days, the song was officially released onto all streaming platforms on July 13.

Fans are absolutely loving the cover. The video uploaded on the day the song was released now has over 100k views, with two other videos after that receiving similar views and likes.

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Fans flooded the comments with positive remarks. One user said: “I want you to tell me the truth okay? you put drugs in this cover, didn’t you? cause I can’t stop listening to it.”

While another commented: “I listened right as it dropped and I started crying bc I was amazed, I’ve been waiting for the release and I’m not disappointed your voice is amazing.”

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