Love Island’s Samie Elishi reveals that she auditioned three times for the show

Samie Elishi from Love IslandYouTube: @samieelishi Instagram: @samieelishi

Samie Elishi from Love Island just shared some unexpected details about her audition process for the show.

Samie Elishi is most known for starring in Season 9 of Love Island UK. While she didn’t win the competition, she did end up finishing as a finalist.

She took home third place with her partner Tom Clare, who she met during the show. The couple is still together.

In a new YouTube video, Samie revealed a lot about her audition process, including how many times she actually auditioned for the show.

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How many times did Samie Elishi audition for Love Island?

Samie shared in the video that she auditioned a total of three times to get on the show. 

The reality tv star explained that on her first try, she did not get a callback or any update on her audition. She said that, “That’s another thing about the show, it’s a bit brutal. If you apply, you know that you are not getting on because you don’t hear a thing.”

But, Samie was still determined to get on the show and decided to try again. 

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When she heard back from casting the second time around, she was confident that she was going on the show, but ultimately didn’t end up being cast.

Now on her third audition, Samie told herself that this was her last try and that if she didn’t get the part, she wasn’t going to audition anymore. She ended up being cast for Season 9.

In the video, she also revealed that the producers behind the show were not sure if she was going to be a bombshell of the season or a part of the original cast.

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It wasn’t until she traveled down to South Africa to film and was almost at the villa that she was told that she was going to be a bombshell. To stay updated on all things Love Island and the upcoming seasons, make sure to check our page here.

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