Love Island’s Haris reveals unaired row between Zara and Tanyel

Zara and Tanyel from Love IslandYOUTUBE: LoveIsland

Former Love Island contestant Haris left fans of the reality TV show stunned after revealing that there was an unaired row between Zara and Tanyel.

The dumped Love Island 2023 star has claimed there was an unseen argument between Tanyel Revan and bombshell Zara Lackenby-Brown.

During a TikTok live with Anna-May Robey and David Salako, Haris told fans what happened after Olivia Hawkins and Zara had their first argument over Tom Clare.

“Tanyel just had an argument with Zara that I didn’t wanna see or hear,” he explained, while speaking to the ex Islanders. “So I told her to go upstairs.”

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Fans were confused, and flooded the comments asking what had happened between the two, as the bust-up wasn’t aired on TV.

“Tanyel vs Zara?” someone typed. “What happened with Tanyel and Zara?” another asked.

“We didn’t see anything between them? What happened?!” someone else questioned.

Haris speaks out about Zara

Love Island's HarisITV / Instagram: loveisland

While Haris avoided the questions, he mentioned that the fellow Islanders weren’t too keen on the arguments and confrontations taking place within the villa.

He said: “Zara started showing sides that people didn’t want to see. I didn’t have a problem with her.

“It was always the case with Zara, she wanted to know what people would talk to Tom about, I’m like, ‘its been 3/4 days just chill the f**k out’. She wanted to be in control. Ron made her aware of that, you can’t do that.”

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Despite her confrontations, Haris thought Zara was a “good” bombshell, as she entered the villa and “took Tom off Olivia.”

Haris is one of the latest contestants to be booted off the ITV show and forced to leave the luxury villa. He and Anna-May were both voted out by Australian bombshells Jessie Wynter and Aaron Waters.

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