Winter Love Island 2023: What time do contestants wake up?

Love Island contestantsInstagram: loveisland

Viewers get to watch what the Love Island contestants get up to almost every day in the villa, but what time do they wake up in the morning? If you’re curious, here’s everything to know.

Love Island is one of the biggest dating reality shows, with multiple versions of the series across the world. Each season, a cast of new people enter a luxurious villa in the hopes of finding love, with viewers tuning in each night to watch the drama unfold.

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Series 9 of Love Island UK started on January 16, and since then, fans have been glued to their screens as the cast gets to know each other.

Through watching their routine each day, many have been left wondering what time the contestants get up in the morning — here’s everything to know.

Love Island villa 2023Instagram: loveisland
Winter Love Island 2023 started on January 16.

What time do they wake up on Love Island?

ITV reportedly explained that Love Island contestants don’t have a set wake up time in the villa, and that it “varies depending upon what has happened the night before.” This could be as a result of larger events such as recouplings.

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However, 2016 contestant Kady McDermot claimed that, “The days were very long, and the producers never let us sleep in past 9.30am [because] that wasn’t entertaining.”

As for how they are woken up, previous contestants have suggested they are woken up by the big bright lights turning on in their shared bedroom in the morning. This is why you will see many of the cast wearing sunglasses indoors in bed.

If you want to know more about the new series of Love Island UK, we have everything you need to know:

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