Love Island US winner Timmy Pandolfi explains breakup with Zeta Morrison

love island US season 4 winnersCBS / ITV

Love Island US Season 4 winners Timmy Pandolfi and Zeta Morrison have broken up as “Romance ran thin,” according to Pandolfi.

The popular show hosts a group of ‘islanders’ that will match with one another in order to win the final prize over 32 days. There will be no shortage of dating or romance, and some do go on to ultimately build a lasting relationship.

Its popularity in the United Kingdom has resulted in other offshoots of the series, with editions in the United States and Australia.

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The two winners from season 4 in the US, Timmy Pandolfi and Zeta Morrison, have since split up, according to a video released by TMZ on January 23.

Why did Timmy Pandolfi & Zeta Morrison split up?

In the TMZ interview, Pandolfi states: “We’re not speaking, I don’t think she wants to be my friend,” as the reporter asks multiple questions about the relationship.

The reporter then asks if it was because of the pressure from the show, having to keep up with the relationship after they won.

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Pandolfi replied: “There is a lot of pressure, there is business involved and people expect to see you together.”

He then goes on to say that he and Zeta agreed to make the business move after the season ended, but the romance itself was “never able to be figured out on either side.”

Morrison spoke of the breakup first in a YouTube video interview with Murad Merali. Saying that things “felt distant” as season 4 ended and Pandolfi was to head back to New York. 

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She says that he did not accept her offer for a ride to the airport before he flew home and that once he was back, they were “good” for some time but things felt disconnected to her.

Although Pandolfi does state he and Zeta agreed to move forward in a business state, it is not clear yet if the breakup will cause tension between that as well.

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