Love Island love triangle has fans hoping for ‘physical fight’ between two girls

Love Island Zara OliviaITV / Instagram: loveisland

The relationship between Love Island contestants Zara, Olivia, and Tom has escalated to the point that fans are picking sides and hoping for an actual fistfight between the two women.

Love Island can be a brutal game of rejection, betrayal, temptation, and lust, but it’s often said that the game is not personal. But three Love Islanders are putting that to the test.

Zara Lackenby-Brown and Olivia Hawkins, who fans believe had been friends before they both appeared on this season of Love Island, have been battling it out over Tom Clare.

Tom and Zara are still a couple after the first recoupling ceremony, but Tom has admitted that he has feelings for Olivia that have landed the trio in an old-fashioned love triangle. The latest preview for the upcoming episode has fans all up in arms… and encouraging the contestants to do the same.

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Love Island fans looking to see Olivia and Zara come to blows

Love Island showed off a preview of the next episode, which appears to kickstart a major fight thanks to a game of ‘Never Have I Ever.’

In the clip, we can see Olivia pull Tom away to the side for a chat, where Tom admits that he does not want to “shut the door” with her. But when the two return, Zara demands to know what Olivia was talking to her partner about, while Olivia prefers to keep things private.

Fans online clearly have taken sides. TikTok user onyiokorie posted their reaction to this preview clip, clearly backing Zara’s view.

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When Olivia insists on keeping the conversation private, the viewer audibly says “someone punch her.”

While the TikTok viewer isn’t directly advocating for physical violence, they clearly think that might be the endgame of this conflict. The caption of the video says that “at this point they need to just physically fight.”

If you want to keep up with the action as it unfolds, find out when the newest episode will be airing.

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