Love Island contestants and crew struck down by mystery illness

Love Island villa 2023ITV / INSTAGRAM: loveisland

Love Island contestants and ITV producers have reportedly been hit by a “nasty” illness, just weeks into the show.

They have only been in the villa for two weeks, and the Love Island singletons and production team are now suffering from a stomach bug, which has “torn its way through the set.”

According to show insiders, islanders and crew members on the winter edition of the series have grown sick with diarrhoea as result of the illness.

“Love Island might look very sexy on the television but behind the scenes, there has been a bug going around,” a source told The Sun.

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“As well as rushing to the Beach Hut for a chat, the islanders have also been dashing off to use the [toilet],” they claimed.

“It has been pretty rough for some of them. Some of the production team have also been affected by the sickness bug,” the source added. “It has torn its way through the set and the aftermath has been less than appealing.”

Love island 2023ITV

Drama in the Love Island villa

Despite the illness, drama has been brewing at the villa and islanders are still going “all out” to attract a partner.

Samie Elishi, the latest bombshell to enter the villa, is hoping to get to know Tom Clare. After telling him he’s at the top of her list, Tom revealed: “I can’t lie, I do fancy you.”

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The semi-pro footballer has been a couple with Zara Deniz Lackenby-Brown, but they decided to end their romance over the weekend.

Tom was previously coupled up with Olivia Hawkins before Zara’s arrival, and the two have battled for him ever since, with viewers accusing him of leading both of them on.

However, during Sunday’s episode, Tom was seen sharing a secret kiss with Ellie Spence, despite rekindling his romance with Olivia.

On Monday’s episode, Zara was left raging after Tanya Manhenga told her about the kiss. “Ellie confided in Will. He said, ‘Ellie kissed Tom on the f**king terrace.’ And no one knows,” she told her.

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Now, Zara has threatened to unleash chaos by exposing his antics to Olivia. Stay tuned.

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