Does Love Island 2023 have an age rating?

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The summer series of Love Island 2023 is about to kick off. The series will see new contestants enjoying the summer in a luxurious villa in Mallorca – but does Love Island have an age rating?

The summer season of Love Island kicks off on June 5, with Maya Jama returning as the host as they get ready to welcome the new contestants of the popular show.

Episodes can be streamed on ITVX and air live on ITV2 in the United Kingdom. Its popularity has surged in the United States and Europe in recent years, too, meaning thousands of viewers around the world will be wanting to watch along.

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Now, if you’re wondering if it’s suitable to watch for yourself or others, let’s take a look at everything we know about Love Island’s age rating in 2023. It’s not as clear as many parents may want it to be.

Does Love Island have an age rating? – Answered

Love island contestantsITV
Each winter Love Island contestant will be looking for love, with a chance to win £50,000 for the winning couple.

Love Island UK does not have an official age rating set by its broadcaster ITV, though fans are asked to confirm they are over-aged 18 to watch on demand.

That is the nearest thing viewers have to an age rating, at the time of writing.

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In the United Kingdom, broadcasting is regulated based on guidelines from Ofcom – the country’s government-approved regulatory and competition authority for broadcasting. As such, there is a watershed for material that should not be shown to children.

This watershed starts at 9 pm, which is often the time Love Island starts on television. Our full guide for the show’s start and end times can be found here for the summer season.

Should kids watch Love Island? – Answered

Love Island 2023 villaInstagram: Love Island
Love Island 2023 summer season starts up on June 5.

Even without an official Love Island age rating, it appears the UK regulatory body Ofcom believes the show is not one that children should be watching, as it is a post-watershed production.

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According to Ofcom: “There are strict rules about what can be shown on TV before the 9 pm watershed. But what exactly is the watershed and how does it work?… The watershed means the time when TV programs which might be unsuitable for children can be broadcast.”

Love Island UK returns on June 5 for its 10th season.

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