Love Is Blind’s Marshall spills tea about Jackie in new podcast appearance

Jackie and Marshall from Love Is BlindInstagram: @loveisblindnetflix YouTube: Nick Viall

Love Is Blind Season 4 is officially over, but Marshall wants to make the record straight about his relationship with Jackie.

Marshall Glaze was one of the fan-favorite contestants in Season 4 of Love Is Blind. But, his run in the show took a turn for the worse in the end when his fiancé Jackie Bonds left him for Josh Demas.

Even though Marshall came to the reunion, Jackie and Josh did not come. Instead, they made an appearance in a pre-taped interview, where they confirmed that they are in a relationship together.

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Now, Marshall is finally able to tell his side of the story on his terms and just did in a brand-new podcast episode.

What did Marshall from Love Is Blind say about Jackie?

In a new appearance on the podcast The Viall Files, Marshall revealed a behind-the-scenes moment that when on between him and his ex.

He shared a moment where Jackie looked at him and said, “I threw you under the bus in one of my interviews.” 

When he asked what she said, Jackie told him that he needed to be more aggressive. This comment caused an emotional break in their relationship.

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Marshall went on to say, “That brought me to my knees. I’d done everything for this woman. I was carrying our relationship. I was cooking, cleaning, working from home, making sure that everything was good when she got back from work.” 

The reality tv star did not hold back when he admitted that Jackie was not what she presented herself to be like.

He said that, “We definitely talked a lot about the traits we want to see in our partner. Obviously, it’s evident that she didn’t quite live up to what she had said in the pods.” 

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Jackie has not responded to any of the claims he made in the podcast. To stay updated on all things Love Is Blind and the upcoming season, make sure to check our page here.

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