Love Is Blind Season 4 cast addresses the reunion in the puppy pod

Irina, Kwame, and Chelsea from Love Is BlindInstagram: @netflix

Season 4 of Love Is Blind just recapped the reunion in the most adorable way possible.

Love Is Blind Season 4 has been an entertaining ride for both the cast and the viewers watching at home. 

And, after a rocky start and backlash about the hosts, there was recently a reunion that touched on some of the major moments of the season.

After the reunion was filmed, the cast was given one more task, which was to address the messy moments from the reunion. But to do it all while cuddling with adorable puppies in the ‘puppy pod.’ And they did not disappoint with their responses.

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What did The Season 4 Love Is Blind cast say in the puppy pod?

Netflix recently posted clips of what the cast said in the puppy pod on social media. 

One of the biggest moments of the Love Is Blind reunion was when Zack alleged that Irina only went on the show to get famous.

Irina responded to Zack’s accusation and said, “I just feel like every single one of us was doing the best we could.”

Micah, on the other hand, did not hold back when defending Irina.

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She said that “I don’t think Irina went on the show for fame. I think she went on for love. I think Zack saying that, in general, was uncalled for. He’s the one talking about his Instagram the whole show.”

Another major talking point was when Paul shared that he didn’t see Micah being a mother if they were to have children together.

Micah revealed in the puppy pod that she doesn’t exactly disagree with him. 

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She said, “I think there is some truth to the statement that Paul made, and it was hard for us to see each other in that light. I think I struggled with it a little bit as well. I’m sure he’ll be a great father one day if he wants to.”

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