Love Is Blind fans love Zack blasting Irina for going on the show to ‘get famous’

Zack and Irina from Love Is BlindTwitter: @LoveisBlindShow

The Love Is Blind reunion is here, and fans are so glad that  Zack did not hold anything back from Irina.

When it comes to Season 4 of Love Is Blind, one of the biggest storylines of the season revolved around Bliss, Zack, and Irina.

Irina was Zack’s first choice in the pods, and the couple got engaged. But, when their relationship quickly went downhill, they called things off.

Unexpectedly, he then asked Bliss for a second chance, to which she agreed. The couple got engaged and, fast forward to the reunion, are still happily married after tying the knot in the finale episode.

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The reunion was the first time fans got to see Irina, Zack, and Bliss all in the same room together. And viewers were certainly entertained after a certain comment from Zack.

What did Zack say to Irina at the Love Is Blind reunion?

During the reunion, Zack spoke with Irina and called her out for the real reason she joined the show.

“If we’re real, you went on this show to get famous,” he said.

The live audience had a shocked reaction, and while Irina mouthed the words ‘wow,’ she did not interject.

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Fans at home were so glad that Zack was able to get that off of his chest, calling it one of the highlights of the reunion.

But, he did go on to say that he forgives Irina for everything that happened, to which Bliss chimed in and agreed.

He even defended her actions by saying that, “… everybody who made a mistake on this show, it has been punishment enough for the entire world to see them at their worst.”

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