Love Is Blind fans comment on “weird” relationship between Micah and Paul’s mom

Love Is Blind's Micah LussierYouTube: Nick Viall

Even though Paul broke Micah’s heart on Love Is Blind, she and his mom appear to still have a close relationship.

For couples on Love Is Blind, each season ends with a choice between marriage and heartbreak. Breakups at the altar can be tough on the contestants, who have fallen in love over the last few months, but also on families that have met and connected with these potential new members.

Micah and Paul made it to the altar in Love Is Blind Season 4, but they ultimately did not tie the knot as Paul made the decision to not say I do.

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It was devastating to Micah, but also to both her and Paul’s families who had grown close to their potential son or daughter-in-law. In fact, it seems Micah has remained close with some members of Paul’s family.

Fans react to pic of Micah and Paul’s mom together

Recently, a photo of Micah and Paul’s mother was found on Facebook, hanging out at a party along with Micah’s friend Shelby who was also featured on the show.

When fans queried further on Micah’s Instagram, she confirmed that not only was she still in contact with Paul’s mom, but she considers her a friend. Micah also confirmed that Paul is aware of their relationship and “luckily” Paul supports it.

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While Paul is cool with his mom hanging out with his ex-fiancée, not everyone is okay with the situation. Viewers on Reddit agreed that it was “weird” for the two to be hanging out.

“I’m trying to think of a circumstance other than the death of an ex where I’d feel comfortable hanging out with their parents later,” one Redditor said.

Another went even further, saying “Poor Paul. Imagine trying to move on from a failed engagement (lol) and your mom keeping contact with your ex that she met a few times! Like what’s Paul gonna say, it’s not like he can prohibit them. I would be fuming. So toxic.”

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