LosPollosTV has perfect response to “gaining” 2M Twitch followers overnight

Twitch streamer Los Pollos on the beachInstagram/LosPollosIG

Twitch streamer ‘LosPollosTV’ is one of the fastest-rising personalities on the platform, but in spite of his growing success, he never expected to gain over 2 million followers overnight – yet, that’s exactly what happened.

On February 3, something very strange occurred with his channel; the last 13 days saw the streamer average about 400 new followers per day, which is a nice gain, all things considered.

However, on February 3, his follower count skyrocketed to absurd totals. According to the third-party stat-tracking website Socialblade, LosPollosTV saw an increase of 2,334,448 followers – completely unheard of for Twitch (at least from a realistic standpoint).

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Streamers gaining an outrageous amount of followers isn’t anything new, though, thanks to the bots plaguing the platform.

LosPollosTV follower numbersSocialblade
The numbers, LosPollosTV, what do they mean?

As Dexerto has previously reported, Chance ‘Sodapoppin’ Morris saw a gain of 3 million followers in one day back in December.

Although it’s quite likely that LosPollosTV was just on the receiving end of some bot followers, that didn’t stop him from posting a cheeky “thank you” message for all the support.

Taking to Twitter, the rising streamer uploaded a video of him filming his computer monitor as his follower count increased to 2.9 million.

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“There it is! 2.9 million! Yo, it’s literally crazy. Your life can really just change overnight and I want to thank everybody who followed,” he began, sounding sincere before turning his sarcasm level up.

“All 2.4 million of you!” he joked. “I want to thank all of you guys. Um, thank you for the support. Thanks for the love. 2.9 million, chat we fucking did it. We fucking did it, man!”

When asked by out-of-the-loop fans how he managed to gain so many followers overnight, LosPollosTV kept the jokes coming and simply replied: “Grinding.”

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For his part, the streamer was a good sport about what was probably just another bunch of bot follows, and so far, Twitch hasn’t reverted his stats back to where they were before.

Hopefully, however, the streamer can keep on rising and it won’t be long until he hits 2.9 million followers for real.

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