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Loren Gray reveals how an Uber driver exposed her cheating boyfriend

Published: 21/Mar/2020 20:51 Updated: 21/Mar/2020 20:52

by Virginia Glaze


TikTok star Loren Gray has uploaded her first storytime video to YouTube, describing how an Uber driver revealed one of her past boyfriends had been cheating on her in a surprising turn of events.

Loren Gray boasts a massive audience on TikTok, garnering over 41 million followers and over two billion likes for her viral videos on the platform.

As a hugely popular social media personality, it makes sense that her dating life would also include fellow internet stars — but one such romantic escapade in 2016-2017 took a turn for the worse, according to her storytime video on the topic.

Loren Gray, Instagram
TikTok star Loren Gray uploaded her first storytime video with a shocking tale of how an Uber driver exposed her cheating boyfriend.

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While Gray never gave a real name for the young man she was seeing at the time, who she claimed was well-known on social media sites “way before” she rose to fame, she was highly interested in him and assumed that he reciprocated the feeling.

However, he would often ghost her attempts to hang out in person — and while they did meet up IRL several times, she got the feeling that he wasn’t as invested in a serious relationship as she was.

On her way home from his house in an Uber one night, Gray said that her driver claimed to knew who she was, and even accused her of getting physical in the back of his car with the young man she was seeing during a previous ride.


Loren Gray, Instagram
Loren Gray’s surprising story had fans guessing the real identity of the boy in her story – but so far, she’s not spilling the beans on that particular detail.

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Gray immediately denied these accusations and asked her driver when such an instance had occurred, to which he purportedly answered: “about a week ago.”

The driver then told her that he’d picked up the boy from a Dave & Busters location with another girl during this time — a location he liked to frequent — causing Gray to put together pieces of the puzzle to form a damning conclusion.

“Honestly, I wasn’t even that mad,” she admitted. “I was more disgusted by the whole situation. [It was a] very degrading and weird situation all the way around.”

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Of course, Gray’s storytime video has fans wondering who the social media star actually was — and while we may never know his real identity, her story acts as a timely reminder to always put yourself first if someone isn’t willing to commit.