Loren Gray posts cryptic message amid breakup rumors with Ari Elkins

Loren Gray, YouTube

Fans of the TikTok star Loren Gray have found strong ground for speculation that Loren has broken up with her boyfriend Ari Elkins. Gray has also posted a cryptic message, fueling the rumors.

Fans of Loren Gray first noticed that the star unfollowed Ari Elkins, who appears to have done the same to Loren’s TikTok page. At the same time, Loren scrubbed her social media of photos of and with Ari.

One of her recent TikTok videos is Loren recording her mirror reflection with the caption “it’s ALWAYS the one he told u not to worry about.”

This quickly prompted likely speculation that Loren had broken up with Ari.

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Loren Gray posts cryptic TikTok

Some of the tweets on Loren Gray’s official Twitter might have been made with reference to this alleged breakup. “Boys are so predictable it’s sad,” she tweeted on January 6.

Followed up by another tweet on January 8 that reads: “hello my loves >

An outpour of positive reinforcement flooded the comments under her latest TikTok video, with fans sending uplifting messages directed at the star. “I’d be so embarrassed if I were him you are so beautiful,” reads one comment.

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Neither Loren nor Ari have made any statements regarding those allegations or explained why they decided to unfollow each other at the time of writing.