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Long Boi trends as Twitter reacts to the world’s tallest Mallard duck

Published: 29/Apr/2021 21:24

by Theo Salaun


Twitter’s newest main character is tall, handsome, and incredibly rare. “Long Boi” is officially trending on the platform as users fawn over the tallest Mallard duck in worldwide history.

Ducks are popular creatures. And, of the ducks, the Mallard is perhaps the most popular (it even has an Apple emoji). And, thanks to a very tall Mallard, fittingly named “Long Boi,” the species is growing infinitely more popular — as Twitter obsesses over the York, England resident.

Many casual duck enthusiasts may be more familiar with the yellow rubber ducky. Those things are cool, as they fit in the palm of your hand, are sold with different outfits, and can float around your bathtub. But the Mallard, proud and crested with an emerald green, is an entirely different pedigree of waterfowl.


And Long Boi, who reportedly stands at over 1 meter tall (over 3’5”), is in a class of his own. Residing on the University of York’s campus in England, the majestically elongated duck is getting serious appreciation on social media.

Originally shared by Grey_Machii on Reddit, it seems that Long Boi already has somewhat of a cult following. Among those who attend York University, the tall Mallard is a subject of immense pride and constant research.

Among those who frequent social media, research has taken on a different light. Some reference Long Boi’s “Big Duck Energy,” while others speculate as to whether or not he is simply “three ducklings in a trench coat.”


According to more informed fans of the well-postured waterfowl, there is a strong possibility that Long Boi is partly Mallard and partly Indian Runner — a distinct breed of duck known for its ability to run rather than waddle. 

indian runner ducks
Wikimedia Commons
Look at Indian Runners, man. How inspirational.

Some York residents have also chimed in, dispelling rumors that Long Boi is as tall as we have been led to believe. Various reports indicate that Long Boi is, in fact, not over a meter tall, but is instead just about 70 centimeters (around 2’4”).

At this point, it’s hard to know who to believe about the Mallard’s height or genetic composition. Like America’s Bigfoot or Scotland’s Loch Ness Monster, Long Boi is approaching mythical status.