LoL streamer says he was permanently banned because Twitch thought he was someone else - Dexerto

LoL streamer says he was permanently banned because Twitch thought he was someone else

Published: 25/May/2021 17:07 Updated: 25/May/2021 23:43

by Michael Gwilliam


It’s not out of the norm these days to see some surprising Twitch bans, but now, a League of Legends player may have the weirdest ban story to share yet.

Now-former Twitch streamer Bluelikeblue claims that he was banned because his identity was mistaken for another streamer entirely.

According to Bluelikeblue, he began streaming back in Season 10 where he was one of the best Kassadin one-trick players on the platform. Amusingly, however, he wasn’t the only German maining the champion.

Another streamer, named ‘Permabanxd’, not only mained Kassadin, but also listened to the same type of music as his fellow countryman. As such, Blue claims some people began to meme that the two were one and the same.


Eventually, Permabanxd was banned from the site (yes, his name makes this story more confusing) but the memes and jokes about the two streamers being one and the same continued.

“At some point I decided to milk the meme, just for fun,” Blue told Dexerto. “I made a tweet stating Bluelikeblue = Permabanxd.”

For a while, the tweet seemed to help the streamer’s channel, but it wouldn’t last for long.

Twitch ban screen
This may be the strangest Twitch ban story yet.

“Some people believed it, mainly those who were new to my community,” he said. “Either way the tweet got attention and my stream did too. I went from around 150 viewers to 200+, eventually around 400-500 average when I got banned.”


According to Bluelikeblue, he was banned for “ban evasion” and hasn’t been allowed back on the site. Meanwhile, Permabanxd has a new channel called ngodcomplex, something that Blue doesn’t understand.

“I thought it is quite obvious that I am not and never expected Twitch to ban me for it,” Blue added. “Being wrongly banned while completely innocent, I started sending multiple ban appeals to Twitch support, stating my innocence and asking for the exact reason of my ban.”

After waiting eight months for a response, Twitch support sent him an email reaffirming their position that he and Permabanxd are one and the same.


However, it does seem like even if what Blue is claiming is true, he ended up getting rightfully banned for ban evasion anyway when he created another account called “x9blue” in an attempt to circumvent the suspension.

Additionally, in a since-deleted Twitlonger from November 2020, Bluelikeblue appears to confess to creating multiple accounts, but continued to claim that he did nothing wrong to begin with and was banned due to a mistaken identity.

Dexerto has reached out to Permabanxd for comment. Blue claims that he has never met the other streamer and has no idea how he has been able to return to Twitch. In any case, it’s a bizarre situation that shows no signs of being resolved soon.