LoL streamer finally unbanned after indefinite Twitch suspension was ruining his career - Dexerto

LoL streamer finally unbanned after indefinite Twitch suspension was ruining his career

Published: 8/Jun/2021 20:34

by Michael Gwilliam


League of Legends streamer ‘Nickich’ has finally been unbanned on Twitch after months of begging the platform to reverse their decision to indefinitely suspend him.

Nickich was first hit with his ban on March 20. In a video explaining what happened, the Canadian streamer revealed that unmoderated hateful comments in his chat had caused Twitch to issue the suspension.

Given where Nick was at in life, being in school while also growing a following on Twitch, he was put in an unfavorable position – especially as his appeal was taking months to be approved.

The streamer had plans to go back to university in May, but thanks to his numbers getting “real good” and his subscribers growing, he decided to put it off to September to stream full time.


Sadly, the suspension threw a wrench into those plans. “For the stage in my life I’m at and financially, I can’t keep waiting for Twitch. I can’t keep sitting around. I started applying for jobs and stuff,” he said back in April.

Now, months later, Twitch has finally unbanned the streamer – and luckily, it’s not too late for Nick to take advantage of the opportunity.

“Very excited and super glad Twitch unbanned me,” he said in a statement to Dexerto. “I’m going to be on my best behavior going forward and make sure nothing like this happens again!”


Twitch ban screen
After many months, Nickich was unbanned.

It’s unclear what took so long for Nick’s appeal to be heard, but it may have to do with the fact he isn’t a Twitch partner.

Nonetheless, news of Nickich’s unban has the LoL community celebrating. Even Nickich took to Twitter to make a post announcing his return.

“You unbanned?” one asked. “Congrats man!”

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“Finally. Holy sh*t,” another remarked in glee.

Hopefully, Nick can keep his word and stay out of trouble so he doesn’t have to go through this crazy ordeal ever again. No return stream has been announced just yet, but it’s sure to be popping when he finally decides to go live on Twitch once again.