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LoL caster Eefje Depoortere claps back at haters after viral Euros pasta TikTok

Published: 5/Jul/2021 0:27

by Bill Cooney


After League of Legends caster Eefje Depoortere’s innocent trash-talk TikTok before the Belgium vs. Italy game during Euros 2021 went viral, she predictably received plenty of hate from upset Italians. But she has some choice words for all of the haters, and in their own language.

Italy and Belgium faced off in their Euros 2021 Quarterfinal match on July 2, and by halftime Lorenzo Insigne and crew had already scored all the goals they’d need for the win. Over in the land of the internet though, the buzz around Depoortere’s TikTok was just heating up, with the video even getting picked up by Italian media.


To break it down, the Belgian filmed herself breaking some spaghetti in half — not a mortal sin all by itself — but then she went over the edge by cutting the pasta up, before dumping french fries and what looks like a bit of mayonnaise on top. Whatever you do, don’t show this video to Nonna.

Besides being passionate fans of the beautiful game, Italians are also known for their love and vigorous defense of their delicious national dishes online.

Some actions are seen as simply unforgivable to Italian food purists — just check out the comments any viral post of the cuisine from a non-Italian chef — and apparently Depoortere’s innocent jab sent more than few over the edge.


Whether they were angry soccer fans, upset foodies, or a bit of both, Eefje found her mentions and DMs overflowing with irate Italians long after the match had ended.

On July 4 Depoortere posted a response to the haters, who at this point were just rubbing salt in the would more than 48 hours after the match. Though, it definitely wasn’t the apology some were looking for.

“To people that say I hate Italy, that is just not true,” the LoL caster said. “But I’m being told I need to apologize or they’ll keep harassing me. So, to the people that keep insulting me and telling me to apologize, I want to say from the bottom of my heart — La mamma dei cretini e sempre incinta.”


In english that translates to “the mother of idiots is always pregnant,” which basically means no matter where you go or what you do, there will always be stupid people around. Which seems to sum up Depoortere’s feelings on the matter perfectly.