Logic cosplays as Dwight from The Office in chess match vs Rainn Wilson

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Rapper Logic took a leaf out of Jim Halpert’s book in his Twitch Pogchamps chess match against actor Rainn Wilson, as he showed up donning Dwight Schrute’s signature clothing.

Pogchamps is one of the biggest chess tournaments on Twitch, with some of the biggest names in streaming and beyond battling it out to win the title.

The third iteration of the tournament has featured some major names in streaming, including xQc, MrBeast, Pokimane and Myth.

However, Group C features two people famous for their careers outside of Twitch: Logic and Wilson. Their matchup was one of the most anticipated of the group stages, and Logic certainly didn’t fail to entertain.

Logic backstage at a concert
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Logic signed exclusively to Twitch in July 2020.

The match, hosted by chess.com CCO Daniel Rensch and TSM chess Grandmaster Hikaru Nakamura, kicked off in spectacular fashion when Logic showed up wearing a yellow shirt, tie and blocky glasses, resembling Wilson’s character Dwight Schrute from The Office.

Rensch had received a text from Logic the night before the match warning him he would be wearing a special outfit, and – to Logic’s credit – he delivered.

Through laughter, Rensch displayed his coffee mug, which was painted to resemble Dwights’s clothing.

Unfortunately, Hikaru took a while to cotton on to what Logic was going for. “He looks like something out of the 1970’s,” he said.

Logic’s outfit was exceptional, but his chess play was even better, as he managed to trap Wilson’s king to claim the win in game one. But Wilson was able to claw it back, winning the next two games to take the Bo3 tie 2-1.

The imitation served as a perfect callback to the legendary The Office cold open from season 3 episode 21 “Product Recall” where John Krasinski’s character, Jim Halpert, plays a prank on Dwight by purchasing an exact replica of his outfit.

Regardless of the result, Wilson and Logic remain joint-top of Group C, with Minecraft streamer Tubbo and fitness YouTuber MichelleKhare lagging behind.

Both players will be desperate to stake their claim for the $20,000 jackpot as they face tough competition in the knockout stages.

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