Logan Paul’s PRIME gets seal of approval from his WWE boss Triple H

Logan Paul holding yellow PRIME bottle alongside Triple H holding Icepop bottle of PRIMEWWE/YouTube: LadBibleTV

Logan Paul’s WWE boss, Triple H, has given his seal of approval to his PRIME Hydration drinks by saying it beats out some UK alternatives. 

PRIME Hydration, Logan Paul and KSI’s new drink company has been skyrocketing ever since it was launched by the YouTubers at the start of 2022. 

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While it has been well stocked across the United States, the PRIME drinks have been incredibly difficult to come by in the United Kingdom. Some ASDA stores have even limited how many that customers can buy, and there have been claims that some stock has been kept by employees to be sold at a marked-up price outside of work.  

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Both Logan and KSI are hardly pictured without one these days, with Logan even taking his into the world of WWE. His boss Triple H has even given it a try, and the WWE legend is a fan. 

Triple H tries Logan Paul’s Prime Hydration drink and is a fan

The King of Kings appeared on LadBible’s ‘Snack Wars’ series, which pits US snacks against their counterparts from the UK. 

In this episode, Logan’s Icepop flavor of PRIME was up against the Lucozade Original, with HHH scoring the round in favor of Logan’s drink. “I will admit, this does taste a little medicinal. It’s like drinking cough syrup, but the fact that it doesn’t have gas in it, winner, Prime,” the Cerebal Assassin said. 

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Though, the new head of WWE creative did question Logan’s loyalty to actually drinking his own drink. “I have noticed Logan holding PRIME a lot. I have not noticed Logan drinking PRIME a lot, I don’t know if that’s just when I’m looking, but that has been something I have noticed,” he added. 

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While he appears to be a fan of the sports drink, we’d bet that if he ever appears on camera in WWE again, HHH will stick to spitting his water in the air rather than PRIME. 

Though, it’s a solid seal of approval for the Prime brand as its massive boom in popularity continues.

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