Logan Paul’s possible girlfriend ducks dating speculation with vague Tweet

Virginia Glaze
Corinna Kopf, Instagram / Logan Paul, YouTube

Social media star Corinna Kopf was seen getting cozy with controversial YouTuber Logan Paul during a Lakers game in early January – but Kopf could be avoiding rumors of their alleged romance, according to a suspicious Tweet.

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Kopf published a cryptic Tweet on January 25, which had fans wondering if she’d cut ties with Paul following backlash surrounding his “going gay” statement made earlier in the month.

“So in love,” Kopf Tweeted. “…with myself.”

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While some fans felt that the Instagram model may have hinted that she was through with Paul, Kopf’s mysterious Tweet follows a previous online action in favor of the YouTuber – in regards to his controversial New Year’s resolution.

Kopf liked a Tweet from Paul’s buddy, Mike ‘Hey Big Mike’ Majlak, in the midst of backlash for the statement, which took aim at critics for taking issue with what was largely deemed an insensitive joke.

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“Logan Paul makes a mistake: *ENTIRE TWITTER WORLD EXPLODES,*” Majlak wrote of the debacle. “Logan Paul clarifies his stance and has a meaningful conversation about a relevant topic: *TIME WILL TELL.* My guess is… *CRICKETS*”

Kopf’s relationship with Paul has been decidedly mystifying; the model vehemently decried Paul’s ‘Suicide Forest’ scandal of early 2018, calling the incident “insensitive” and “sick.”

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Kopf later claimed that she was “single as fuck” amidst rumors that she and Paul were subtweeting each other in late December – however, these claims appeared to be proven false, once Kopf was spotted cuddling with Paul at a basketball game shortly thereafter

Splash News, Metro UK
Corinna Kopf was seen cozying up to Paul at a basketball game in early January, despite having publicly bashed the YouTuber for his ‘Suicide Forest’ debacle.