Logan Pauls divides Twitter with his criticism of ‘NOPE’ movie

Jessica Filby
Logan paul in front of the Nope trailerLogan Paul / Nope

Logan Paul has taken to Twitter to reveal his criticism of the recently released film, Nope and has yet again divided the internet.

Nope was released in Theatres on July 22nd and seems to be a box office hit. It boasts A-list actors, fantastic visuals, and a complicated storyline that may have hit close to home for some. Blatantly calling out people risking their lives for ‘that shot’ putting lives in danger just to get views, Nope is a love or hate film for many.

For Youtuber, Wrestler, and social media star Logan Paul, this film was definitely not one for the history books. He disliked it so much he took to Twitter to explain why he thought “NOPE is one of the worst movies I’ve seen in a long time”. The bold statements that followed divided Twitter’s comment section, leaving some interesting discussions and a few hilarious comments.

Logan Paul took to Twitter and formed a thread regarding his confusion and dislike for the new sci-fi horror release. However, the comments section began ripping into Paul’s criticisms, stating the irony behind him criticizing a film that essentially explores what made Paul famous.

Writer, Richard Newby commented that “this is ironically hilarious because the movie is in part, thematically, about him and people like him”. Many agreed, hinting back to the controversial video posted by Paul where he filmed a Japanese forest nicknamed the ‘Suicide Forest’. The actions called out in the film are ones he seems to have taken himself in his rise to fame.

Others chose to question if he was even watching the right film, with many commenting that it may not have been an easy film to watch but the plot is easy enough to understand.

In his Twitter thread, Paul explored the plot holes and the questionable storyline, which some commenters inherently agreed with. It seems this film might not be for everyone but could be the slap in the face some creators need before they put themselves in danger for that ‘Opera shot’.