Logan Paul explains why he fought Jake’s manager before AnEsonGib bout

by Brad Norton
YouTube: Logan Paul


Logan Paul has revealed why he got into a heated scrap with his brother’s manager just hours before Jake Paul stepped foot inside the boxing ring and blitzed through AnEsonGib. 

On January 30, the day of Jake’s boxing match against AnEsonGib, Logan was casually talking with his brother in their apartment before the big showdown. 

With professional experience under his belt, Logan was giving a quick pep talk to hype his brother up when suddenly, all hell appeared broke loose. Stepping in to stop the commotion, Logan was swept into the midst of an all-out brawl.



“Get the f*** off me. Don’t argue with me on fight day bi***,” Team 10 member and ‘Jake’s right-hand man,’ Arman ‘Armani’ Izadi yelled after getting in a heated exchange right behind the Paul brothers.

“That can not be happening on fight day. Anything to drain Jake’s energy or stress him out is no f***ing bueno,” Logan said.

The root of the issue appeared to stem from Jake’s food on the day of the fight. “They’ve all been slacking,” he expressed. “They came with my food an hour late.” As a direct result, Armani was furious with the team member who brought the food behind schedule and decided to take his frustration out with physical force.


After pushing and shoving his way through others to get to the culprit behind the delayed food, Armani knocked the camera out of a videographer’s hand before attacking another member of the team at random.

Instantly stepping in to stop him, Logan jumped on Armani’s back, flattened him out on the ground and sinched in a choke until he was tapping repeatedly.

It seemed as though that was the end of the altercation and Armani was cooler for the rest of the lead up to the boxing match, yet Paul was adamant that it shouldn’t have ever happened in the first place.

Jake Paul poses with his boxing team
Instagram: Jakepaul
Jake Paul defeated AnEsonGib via stoppage in the first round.


While Jake secured a first-round stoppage victory in the January 30 bout, he was quick to call out KSI in the post-fight interview in order to line up an eventual boxing match and try to avenge his brother.

Meanwhile just hours after the win, Logan came face to face with Antonio Brown at the after-party, indicating that he could be the next in line for a celebrity scrap.