Logan Paul threatens Paddy Pimblett over “lies” in PRIME video

Logan Paul in white t-shirt holding blue bottle of prime drink next to microphoneYouTube: imPaulsive

Logan Paul hit out at Paddy ‘The Baddy’ Pimblett after the UFC star made a video about PRIME that had some “misinformation” in it. 

When Logan Paul and KSI kickstarted their PRIME Hydration brand back in January of 2022, they probably didn’t expect to achieve the success they already have. 

The energy drinks have launched across the United States and in the UK, but it’s pretty difficult to get your hands on them in the UK still. On top of that, they’ve also inked a sponsorship deal with Arsenal, and you rarely see either Logan or KSI without one when they appear in content. 

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Naturally, there have been a few challengers to their success, including a new one from UFC’s Paddy ‘The Baddy’ Pimblett – who Logan has been in a war of words with over the last few months. 

Logan Paul blasts Paddy Pimblett’s “lies” over PRIME video

The Scouser is an ambassador for a drink that claims to have zero grams of sugar and fewer calories than PRIME, which is something he displayed in a video comparing the two.

It got on Logan’s radar for episode 356 of his imPaulsive podcast and he wasn’t best pleased. “It’s a pretty f**king embarrassing video. You are now associated with a cheap, s*it, copycat beverage brand. It looks almost identical to PRIME,” Logan said, noting that Paddy’s video is “identical” to the ones he used to make.

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“He lied in the video. He poured out sugar in the video to show PRIME’s two grams of sugar and he poured a f*ck load of it. I could technically sue the f*ck out of you for that misinformation and that’s a fact – you f*cking lied,” he added. 

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Logan did say, however, that it was actually a good bit of promotion for PRIME, as believes it will just make people want to buy his drink even more. “I left a comment and said thanks for the promo,” he quipped before quickly moving on. 

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The ‘Maverick’ did say that he’s a fan of the UFC star, so who knows if it’ll end up as a legal case, but he believes he’d have grounds to do so.