Logan Paul threatened with “acid and knives” during UK press conference

@loganpaul (Instagram)/Freepik

The KSI vs. Logan Paul 2 UK press conference took place on October 7, and saw the two fighters lock horns on British soil for the last time before the bout — but Logan’s trip across the pond was not well received by some.

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With the highly anticipated rematch between Olajide ‘KSI’ Olatunji and Logan Paul mere weeks away, tensions are building. After two press conferences on each of their respective home turfs, the tone for the fight is set. 

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Both fighters took verbal jabs at one another during the UK press conference, with the verbal slews toing and froing in a bid to jeer the crowd. However, the welcoming that Logan received upon his arrival to the UK was not as welcoming as he might have hoped.

Logan Paul (YouTube)KSI and Logan faced off in front of a British crowd in London.
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During a vlog uploaded on October 12, Logan highlighted a warning that he received from social media, which stated: “Mike, be safe, there’s an organized group in London that wants to stab you and pour acid on Logan.”

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Logan jokingly replied: “Y’all can stab Mike, just keep the acid off me” in response to the caution sent out to Logan and his team.

Logan Paul Vlogs (YouTube)600[ad name=”article3″]

Of course, security at the event was ramped up to avoid the prospect of any harm coming to either fighter, rendering any threats of this nature idle. 

Paul also took to his social media to provide a disclaimer against any form of organized crime that specifically targets him or that might subject his team to any harm, stating, somewhat mockingly, that: “Crime is bad.”

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Thankfull, the UK press conference has come and gone, without any physical harm coming to Logan or his team. 

Nonetheless, threats of such magnitude can never be taken lightly — especially when the stakes and exposure from the event itself is so high.

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