Logan Paul issues to threat to crazy fans following failed break-in attempts - Dexerto

Logan Paul issues to threat to crazy fans following failed break-in attempts

Published: 5/Jun/2019 18:47 Updated: 5/Jun/2019 18:48

by Virginia Glaze


Controversial YouTuber Logan Paul might seem like he’s all about being in the public eye – but the social media star is now begging overzealous fans to stop showing up at his house uninvited, following two counts of trespassing by a single groupie.

According to reports by TMZ, a fan had shown up to Paul’s home in Encino, California two days in a row – prompting the YouTuber to call local law enforcement and even file a trespassing report.


Reports state that the trespasser attempted to gain entry to Paul’s property on both Sunday afternoon and Monday night, ringing his front gate and trying to hop the fence before being told to beat it.

Logan Paul, InstagramYouTube star Logan Paul is begging overzealous fans to stay away from his home, after suffering two break in attempts in two days.

“Don’t show up to my house, please, don’t,” Paul pleaded in an interview with TMZ. “I love my fans, but my house is the one place I feel like I can kinda get away and be private.”


However, Paul isn’t completely shying away from unexpected visits, should they involve fighting or boxing for his YouTube channel, as seen when he was approached by an Ivan Drago impersonator during a May 28 vlog.

“If you wanna come and box, no problem!” Paul continued. “If you wanna come and box, please, come. You’re gonna get knocked out.”

These latest incidents are far from first time Paul has had to deal with trespassers: the YouTuber performed a citizen’s arrest on yet another trespasser in February 2018, who broke into his home and passed out on his sofa.


Paul had another run-in with a random visitor on May 28, when an Ivan Drago impersonator and prankster showed up to his residence to film a prank video of his own – ultimately resulting in a knockout in Paul’s backyard boxing ring.

While Paul might have an illustrious YouTube career despite his multiple scandals, the social media star is looking to turn away from the platform, announcing on May 29 that he hopes to pursue a career in full time fighting.

Although UFC president Dana White has denied Paul any chance of stepping into the octagon, the YouTuber is preparing to face off against rival KSI for their rematch in November 2019 – but no specific date nor venue have yet been revealed for the bout.


Noel Miller reveals engagement to girlfriend Aleena and sends fans wild

Published: 13/Oct/2020 15:47

by Alice Hearing


People are over-the-moon after popular YouTuber Noel Miller has gotten engaged to his long-term girlfriend Aleena.

Noel Miller is a former vine star and YouTuber with more than 2 million subscribers. He is a part of the rap group Tiny Meat Gang alongside Cody Ko. He and Cody Ko were also known for their YouTube series “That’s Cringe.”


Noel revealed the amazing news on Instagram with a post of the stunning engagement ring, writing: “My love and support since day one. I’ve been waiting a long time for this.”

Aleena also shared the same picture of her cupping Noel’s face to show off the ring with the caption “Worth the wait, I love you.”

Noel Miller Aleena engaged
Instagram: Noel Miller
Noel and Aleen have been dating since 2014

Fellow YouTube and internet stars expressed their excitement for the pair in the comments with Kurtis Conner, Danny Gonzalez, and Trevor Wallace all adding their congratulations.

It’s safe to say that their fans are also ecstatic about the news, with several tweets about the couple going viral.. One person tweeted: “THIS IS THE ONLY THING I WILL EVER TALK ABOUT IT ALEENA AND NOEL ARE GETTING MARRIED I AM SOBBING.”

Another person tweeted: “Noel and Aleena deserve the world.”


One fan even posted: “Noel and Aleena are the blueprint for true love, they support and love each other so f***ing much and they’re always in each other’s corner and they always said they didn’t care if they got married or not but Noel wanted to show her how much he loves her and he did it.”

The loved-up couple has been together for at least six years, with Aleena first appearing on Noel’s Instagram in 2014.

Aleena herself is also popular on social media after becoming associated with Noel and has amassed more than 100,000 followers on Instagram.