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Logan Paul slams woman who accused Jake Paul’s security of jumping her

Published: 15/Jan/2020 1:28

by Virginia Glaze


YouTube star-turned-pro boxer Logan Paul let fans in on a shocking story that followed little brother Jake Paul’s viral birthday party for rapper Desiigner in 2019 — and he wasn’t shy about his feelings on the subject, either.

On May 4, 2019, Jake Paul threw a party for the ages in honor of rapper Desiigner’s 22 birthday, which saw so many attendees arrive at the party they crowded the first floor of the giant Team 10 mansion.

Featuring stuntmen on dirt bikes, a live boxing match and even a giant panda on the roof, Paul’s massive house party was truly something to write home about — except no one was allowed to film the event, according to multiple partygoers and even Logan Paul himself.


Jake Paul, Instagram
Jake Paul, Instagram
Jake Paul threw rapper Desiigner the 22nd birthday of a lifetime.

“The Maverick” detailed the rager during an episode of his “imPaulsive” podcast on January 14, which he called “the best party Los Angeles has ever seen,” except for one small event that took place the morning after the festivities had ended.

According to Logan, a woman claimed to have been “beaten up” by Jake’s security during the party, alleging that the employees even threw her under a car after the physical assault took place.

“There was a girl the next day who claimed that she was jumped by Jake’s security,” Paul explained. “She had a black eye, she had bruises on her face and on her body.”


Considering the severity of her allegations, Logan immediately approached the situation with care, and even questioned the company kept by his younger brother.

However, upon inspecting footage from the security cameras on the premises, the party discovered that the woman wasn’t assaulted at all, but had suffered a self-inflicted accident in her drunken state — something Logan wasn’t fond of, at all.

“She was drunk, and she fell down,” Paul announced. “She thought it would be cool to put my brother’s entire life in Jeopardy. F**K YOU! I hate you!”

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That isn’t the only major accusation to have resulted from Jake’s party, by far: in fact, multiple allegations crossed the net claiming that girls had been purportedly drugged at the event, with emergency vehicles also being reported on the scene.


Nothing ever came of these allegations, and with no cameras or filming allowed, it looks like the night’s events will remain a mystery for those who didn’t attend.