Logan Paul slams “serious” rumors of drug addiction amid fan concerns

Virginia Glaze

YouTube star Logan Paul has responded to rumors of drug addiction after comments from fellow influencer Mike Majlak sparked concern from his fanbase.

Logan Paul is one of the net’s most bombastic influencers. The YouTube star has come a long way from his humble roots on Vine; his bout with Floyd Mayweather and growing NFT empire speak to his current success.

However, some fans were worried for the content creator after influencer Mike Majlak claimed Paul has been on a “pretty significant bender for the past six or so months” on an episode of the Raw Talk podcast.

This statement appears to have riled up Paul’s fanbase, with commenters expressing concern for the YouTuber’s health, who Majlak claimed was also working on a time-consuming digital art project at the same time.

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Logan Paul responds to drug addiction rumors

Majlak’s statement also sparked rumors of drug addiction on Paul’s part, which the YouTuber addressed in a December 14 episode of his IMPAULSIVE podcast.

“We’re being facetious guys,” Majlak said. “We’re f**king around. The kid’s f**king fine.”

“There was an opiate narrative,” Logan added, incredulously. “First off, no. I said, I don’t take painkillers ’cause it’s a slippery slope. That is what I said!”

Logan Paul hand cast
Paul suffered an injured hand in September, which the YouTuber claims may have sparked rumors of painkiller addiction.

Paul went on to slam a headline he’d read that speculated opiate addiction on his part, saying: “That’s some serious s**t. Second off, I didn’t say that. Who’s reporting this news? We’re being facetious.”

The YouTuber then claimed that he’d actually taken measures to limit certain things from his lifestyle, saying he’d cut his drinking down to “ten percent of what it was” — although he admitted that he’s still smoking marijuana.

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As for Paul’s digital art project, fans are still in the dark, hoping that he will release more information regarding the upcoming work soon.